Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some people I tell ya'!

I work at a fast food place, which will stay nameless since it really isn't important, and I was working in the drive through today. We get some interesting characters, don't get me wrong, I really love all the people who come through, just some are a little more trying on my patience.
Today was one of the top 10 most "interesting" events.
I was taking orders and someone said they had a coupon, which is fine, if I can do the math I usually let them know "Your total will be $____ with the coupon at the first window" they drove up and handed me the money and the coupon. It was for another company and we aren't supposed to accept those without getting a manager. I called for the manager and finally found one who came and said "I'm sorry, we can't accept this." I let him deal with them because I had another order to take.
Watching from the side, I watched them take out coupons for OUR store and proceed to try and use one. The manager nicely told them he was sorry but it was only for the bigger sandwiches and couldn't be used for the $1 sandwich they wanted to. They grumbled and told them to take it from the money they had given me with the first coupon.
He does exactly this, and they get mad because it is now $2.11 instead of $1.06 since they cant use the coupons, and demanded a refund.
Now, this is understandable, everyone has the right to do this, but it was their attitude that made me a little but upset about it.
The real kicker for me was they were driving a bran new Jaguar car and had given me $5.06 cash to pay for the original $1.06.
I was just a little disappointed in the way they conducted themselves. Even though my manager and I were being as patient and hospitable as we could, we got cold and frustrated attitudes that make it hard sometimes to deal with people.

However, as I said before, I love the customers. Even after things like this there is ALWAYS a customer who makes me laugh or feel better every night. Such as....
One guy tonight came through and said "I hear you guys are all out of T-O-Y-S!" I was confused and answered truthfully with a no. He quickly got the point across that he and his wife didn't want the kids to know we had toys still and so I played along. The man was so animated when talking to his kids and had such a wonderful and light hearted attitude I couldn't help but smile and play along. When he did get to my window we joked and he made me truly smile, which if anyone who is in constant pain knows, this is sometimes very very hard to do. It's people like these who keep me coming back to work with a smile on my face and I keep taking their orders with a smile in my voice and feeling happy about what I can do for them.

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