Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My puppy, soniya.

I have an adorable puppy whom I love to death. I got her nine months ago. She's a black lab, german shepard and husky mix,and she makes me smile everyday. Currently I'm attempting to train her to be a service dog for myself, due to the fact that in the next few years I may be in pretty tough shape. She's super bright and loving, I only wish I had more energy to spend training her.
Her name, soniya, comes from a story I read about 5 years ago, according to the author it meant "a moment in time" and I loved it. I've waited for a puppy to nme that ever since.
I'm hopeing to find a trainer who will help me by taking her a few days a week and training, then I can work with her to get her practice.
She's absolutely adorable. Who wouldn't want to wake up to this puppy climbing in bed with them?

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