Monday, September 26, 2011

busy, busy, busy...

I've been crazy busy with work and babysitting and shopping, sorry I've been gone.
I've been exhausted the last few days and yesterday I made myself go to the cities (about 45 minutes away) to go shopping in Maplewood, Minnesota.
The mall is great, even though parts are currently under construction due to remodeling, though the new architecture should make the mall even better.
The roads were awful though. They are doing a ton of construction right now and there are "road closed" signs on roads that are still being used. It makes it hard to get around if you aren't used to the construction, which I most certainly am not, though it wasn't too terribly bad, just confusing.
Burlington Coat Factory, was a whole other story! Usually you expect some mess in a discount department store, but this was ridiculous. I almost tripped at least 10 times trying to walk down ONE shoe isle. There were boxes and random shoes all over in the isle. (When you have unstable knees and ankles and hips like me, this becomes a bit of a problem and safety hazard, not to mention it would have been completely impossible if someone was in a wheel chair.) Usually I don't like to fill out the surveys online, but I made sure to do this one as soon as I got home. I figured someone might want to know about all this. Even though I went there for a coat, I couldn't find one i actually liked, but I did find a lovely scarf which is super soft!
I will never be returning to that Burlington Coat Factory. It was awful.
I also found a great new sweater on sale at the mall, bought some books at half priced books (my all time favorite book store) and walked into Michael's Craft Store literally one minutes before they closed. not much you can find and buy in 60 seconds.
And I ate at Panda Express, wasn't very impressed, usually they are okay, this time they just sucked.

I'm having an interesting problem with being crazy tired today after so much walking and moving yesterday, and things keep partly dislocating, it doesn't hurt until i try to pick something up or use my hands (my wrists are doing it most).
I don't get mad or upset about these little things happening, sometimes I get frustrated when things simply WILL NOT stay in place, but I never get depressed or down about these kinds of things.

Sorry this isn't very crazy and exciting. I'm so terribly tired still, and a bit upset because my kitty died this morning.

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