Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Sick" and sick.

There's a term that I notice in the EDS community that I never really understood until today (and last night).
The term Sick.
Just because I have this disorder doesn't mean I'm sick, or ill, but its a word used to describe how we feel on really bad days and a way to allow the healthy people around us understand a little bit better that we aren't completely okay.
Along with EDS I may have something called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome or POTS. I can't get into the details of exactly what it is because I barely understand it myself. Last night though my body screamed enough. I've been working and pushing my body a lot lately and it finally gave way to some not so fun problems. Intense nausea, dizziness, almost passing out and incredible amounts of exhaustion.
I'm still not recovered and had to call into work sick. Here is the thing about me, my immune system is incredibly good. Which is where the word "sick" comes in. I'm not ill in the way most people become sick, from the flue or strep or a cold. I become sick from over working my body and asking too much from it, and when it tries to revolt I push it harder. I didn't realize this could happen, this intense exhaustion and such, but I've learned my body can get pushed too much and looking back now, I notice the warning signs I should have been listening to.

Everyday is a lesson with this disorder.
Everyday I learn something new about myself.

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