Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Working myself to sickness....

I've been working A LOT lately. Its been hard and its beginning to take a tole on my body. Simply standing for five minutes hurts.and standing for four hours, nearly destroys me. I'm needing to save a LOT of money in a SHORT time so that I can manage to put enough down on a car so I can manage to get financing and blah blah blah.... in short. I need a lot of money, in a short amount of time, which means I need to work myself to being sick. I'm hoping I manage to not be sick from this for a month or two.

Do you know whats worse then being at pain and at work??
The answer is, Being in A LOT of pain and having absolutely NOTHING to do at work to distract yourself. Really, when you can keep busy at work and be in pain its slightly less unbearable then when there's nothing to do. Distractions are amazing.

And now I need to go pass out and sleep. I have a very long day ahead of me tomorrow.

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