Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hard copy books

There is something very special about holding a book in your hands. Be it 300 pages or simply 50, having such a treasure of knowledge and words and ideas literally at your fingertips is magical.
Book stores are closing down all over the place and its simply heart breaking. Many small book stores with poorly lit back corners, winding stacks of books, old, new, used, best sellers and worst sellers, simply vanishing.
As the world becomes more digital we lose some of the oldest inventions and enjoyments. Simply curling up with a classic book next to the fire, without the distractions of cell phones and internet, is slowly drifting away. The worn pages of a beloved book aren't visible on a digital copy. Closing a 300 page book and setting it down feels less fulfilling an accomplishment when there aren't physical pages to be seen.
E-readers rely on electricity and power to keep charged, a hard copy can be carried for days without needing to be charged.
Printed copies of books are more expensive, use more resources, make books less accessible. All these are only true if we make them true.

I love my hard copy books, I have over 150 books and will always have a hard time parting with them, Simply holding them brings back many memories. However, I will soon be joining the digital age of E-readers in the next few months. I feel a mixture of shame and grief about this but believe it will be in my best interest. I will never get rid of all my books though, and will some day still  own every book I have read.

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  1. I totally know how you feel. I felt the exact same way before I bought my kindle. Honestly though it's a good investment; at least I think so. Now you can take more than a few paperbacks with you when you travel and you can bring your favorite stories with you as well. Also (for me at least) when you do buy physical books you have more of an incentive to get the hardcovers over paperback. :]